Safari Extensions for Productivity


Just right click where you are in need of a Harakirimail (disposable email address) your inbox will open in a background tab.


Markdown Here

Write email in Markdown, and then make it pretty. This is great for anyone who doesn’t like fiddling around with formatting buttons while writing an email.


Feedly Background Tabs

Add a shortcut key to open a new tab for the selected item in Feedly. Original ext


OneID QuickFill

Instantly and securely complete frustrating online forms with OneID QuickFill extension for Safari.



We make it easy to follow a collection of websites, companies or entire online markets that interest you. Simply tell us what you are interested in, and we will start sending you reports on how they are trending on the web.


Moxtra Web Clipper

Use Moxtra Web Clipper to keep all related content together in Moxtra Binder. Moxtra is a cross platform application that is available for iPhone iPad and PC/Mac.


Shoeboxed Web Clipper

Capture images of receipts business cards and other important documents directly from your browser and submit them to Shoeboxed for immediate processing.



With the free Smartwaiver Safari extension your customers’ data can be transferred from Smartwaiver to your existing web-based POS or CRM.


Unread Tabs

Use a contextual menu item to open all unread forum posts in new tabs, with just one click.



Waste no time to regain your freedom and productivity from the Internet! Time Quota feature automatically blocks selected web sites when you have spent a preset amount of time on them each day.


Harvest Time Tracker for Basecamp

This extension integrate two great services: Harvest and Basecamp. To get started with Harvest for Basecamp, simply do the following: 1) Use the Safari web browser 2) Install the Harvest Safari Extension 3) Log into Basecamp, find a to-do and start tracking time. Thats it! We hope you enjoy this new integration and thanks for using Harvest.


Feeder – RSS Feed Reader

Follow your favorite feeds directly from the browser. With Feeder’s super simple and beautiful interface, it’s easy. It can also connect seamlessly with your Google Reader account. Get notifications upon new updates directly, star posts, and see when feeds are available on pages.

NRG QuickShip for Safari

Create shipping labels in NRGship from Safari. One click on the toolbar populates all of your shipping details in seconds. Create your label, paste back the tracking number to easily update your customers. Support for Amazon, Bigcommerce, Etsy, Magento, PayPal, Shopify and Volusion. More Marketplaces and Ecommerce systems being added monthly.

Das Oertliche

This extension allows you to start a search request in Das Oertliche directly from your browser. After installing the extension, you can search for companies, people and phone numbers without having to leave the website you are viewing. Features include searching by names, addresses and phone numbers, choosing between a single input field or separate data fields for name and city, and Integrated Special Searches (ATMs emergency pharmacies etc.). The toolbar disappears automatically when it is not needed.


archify is a simple, smart, and powerful way to remember everything you’ve seen on your online travels. In addition to indexing all the web content you’ve visited, archify will take a screenshot of every page, allowing you to view the page exactly the way it looked on the day you visited. You can also connect your social media accounts to search all your online content in one personal search engine.

Web Push

Setup the WebPush safari extension, and you only need click or right click a url, image or text to push it to your iPhone or iPad from Safari. The accompanying app is available at the App Store.


Chirp text, images and URLs from your Safari Browser. More info at and Chirp is an iPhone (also runs on iPod and iPad) app that can receive text, links and images using sound waves available at:


Manage customers directly inside Gmail. Group all emails from a deal into a box, keep track of status, notes and details of each customer, share boxes within your team, and keep everyone in the loop. See every email between customers and your team, right in your Inbox. Speed up sending repetitive emails with custom templates. Use the Send Later feature to schedule those crucial emails for the times when they’ll have the most impact.

Shortcut dictionary

This tool is for keyword searching within the Yahoo Taiwan dictionary. It can search the selected keyword on the web page, and open a new tab which shows the search result for the keyword in the dictionary. Just select a string a string of text, right click on the selection, and press the item search in dictionary to get a search result.

TLDR: too long didn’t read

Stremors TLDR extension provides a streamlined way to get a condensed synopsis view of news, blog posts, and other articles online for quick and easy reading. Powered by Liquid Helium, the plugin analyzes the content and creates summarized versions in four different lengths on any web page including web applications such as web mail, ZenDesk, SalesForce, SugarCRM, and many more. Highlight text to be TLDRed for use with comments and FaceBook statuses.


This extension helps you keep all your popular web chat data, store it locally or upload your chat logs and manage them online. It can also be used as a chat monitoring tool.


This extension allows you to quickly access webpage last saved version in Wayback Machine and Google Cache with a toolbar button or contextual menu.


The ManageTab extension gives you comprehensive tab control with Safari contextual and extension menus. The ManageTab menu is smart and aware — it only displays the minimum option for you to close or group tabs, based on either left or right direction or based on domain or URL similarity.

Scroll To Top

This extension adds images at bottom-right corner of the page to give you one click scrolling to the top of the page (and vice-versa) with a beautiful animation. You can configure the location of this icon using the options page. Moreover, you can stop the scrolling in-between.


X-notifier checks your webmail accounts and notifies the number of unread emails. You can also get notification for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn messages with a script.

AutoComplete+ Personal

Autocomplete popular sites search and make your search faster, better, and easier with AutoComplete+ Personal. AutoComplete+ Personal is a cloud-based autocomplete service for most popular websites that lack built-in autocomplete functionality. Just start typing in the site search box, and get personalized, relevant auto-complete suggestions in the drop-down box.

DBox Safari Extension

With the Safari extension for DBox, you can send a download link directly to the DBox app on your Mac. For more information, please visit

Timedog – Virtual Personal Assistant

Running late? Need to send a text to your spouse, change dinner reservations, email your mother to pick up the kids, and get turn by turn directions to the restaurant all without taking your eyes off the road or hands of the steering wheel? We do it all and with real people! Time Dogs Safari Extension puts you in touch with a live 100% US based family service team member to help you with your daily personal tasks. Quickly submit your requests by text and let us do the rest. You will receive a push notification to your mobile app, text, or email when your request is complete. Time Dog takes tasks off of your daily to-do list saving you time effort and money every day.


Timeshifter adds a handy button to your Safari toolbar that allows you to save articles directly to Instapaper. Tired of using bookmarklets? This is exactly what you need!

IP Notebook

If you’re using a VPN or are required to provide your public IP address to access networks, databases, or applications, the ability to find and provide your current IP address is essential. However, in today’s world, it’s not uncommon to access the web from multiple locations: the office, home, or the local coffee shop. Nothing is more frustrating than breaking your workflow because of a missing IP address. We created ipNotebook as a solution to this problem by giving you the ability to find your IP address and save it for later reference.

Codebits Talk Vote Count Hider

An extension to hide the vote count for currently unvoted Codebits talks.


New Window Button extension add toolbar button which opens new Safari window when clicked. No more Cmd+N!


A Safari extension that delays the loading of time-wasting websites. Define your own blacklist of hostnames to delay, and set a number of seconds to wait before loading a blacklisted site. Adjust the delay from 1-60 seconds, or use the Jitter setting to randomly add or subtract from the delay.

Grammar and Spell Checker by Ginger

Ginger is the leading contextual grammar and spell checker – correcting spelling typos, grammar errors and misused words. Click on the highlighted word to approve Ginger’s corrections whenever you write on Gmail, Facebook, and more! Improve your English communication for free, everywhere you type. Get Ginger now!

The Old Reader

This extension provides a toolbar icon to notify you about unread items in your The Old Reader account.

MailChimp Stats

The MailChimp Stats extension puts your most recent campaign stats right in your browser. * Stats Shown *- Sent- Opens- Open Rate- Clicks- Click Rate- Bounces- Complaints- Unsubs* Auto-Refreshing *The extension automatically refreshes based on a timer. Set a timer in Extension Preferences. You can also manually refresh the toolbar at any time.

WiseStamp for Gmail Yahoo Mail & more

Create powerful & effective emails with WiseStamp Email Apps – Promote your most relevant personal brand information in every email you send! Easily include your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin…


The easiest way to get email encryption on all your devices. Allows you to send and receive secure email – encrypted using PGP – but without all the hassle and at no cost. Enlocked works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, and Microsoft Live.

Right Inbox for Gmail

Right Inbox integrates seamlessly with Gmail and lets you schedule your emails to be delivered at a future time also you can track sent emails and get notified when it is opened. for Safari

Create free disposable email addresses and paste them directly in forms. This helps to protect you from spam mails and could be useful when subscribing to forums or newsletters.


ActivePaths ActiveMail breathes life into static emails making them feature-rich and interactive. When you get an email with a link to an online video ActiveMail automatically converts that link to the actual video to watch on the spot. We currently support more than a dozen of the Webs top video sites plus online albums and slides.


Less ads – more choice! Adlesse substitutes all the annoying banners for useful widgets of the same size: local news latest tweets your friends Facebook feed local weather (current conditions and weather forecast) interesting facts famous people’s quotes etc. It enables you to keep track of up-to-date info while peacefully surfing the web.

Close Left/Right Tabs

This extension adds an item to the Safari Window’s context menu that closes all tabs to the left or to the right of the active tab. Just right-click in the window of whatever page you’re viewing and choose Close Left Tabs or Close Right Tabs.

Finance Toolbar

This extension adds a toolbar below Safari’s unified search field, showing you the latest stock quotes in a dynamic scrolling bar. It’s a real time stock ticker for you browser.

Harvard Referencing

Get your Harvard reference automatically generated for you. Just enter the details of your source material and the Harvard referencing generator will automatically generate the exact Harvard reference for you. You’ll never need to worry about malformed Harvard references again!


The pagemove app together with the pagemove add-on enables you to easily transfer links between your computer and your iPhone/iPad. Follow the 3 steps below to setup 1. Install the app 2. Install the extension 3. Start sharing pages!

Push to Kindle

Kindle It is a free service which lets you send web articles to your Kindle. Installing this extension will add a send to Kindle button to your Safari browser. Simply click the button on a page which you’d like to read on your Kindle. Use Kindle It to send a long web article to your Kindle to read it later.

Simple Blacklist

Simple Blacklist is a simple extension for Safari which blacklists a configurable list of domains. This simple but powerful extension will help you with preventing the most distracting sites to open.

Format Link

Format the link of the active tab instantly to use in Markdown Textile or other formats. 1. Press the toolbar icon of Format Link. 2. When a popup opens press Command-C to copy the formatted link to the clipboard.

GoSeng Forex!

GoSeng supplies services for you:(1) Live Forex market pricing. (2) Alerting: You can set your intended Buy/Sell price as your baseline anytime whenever market price touches it you will get notification at once! (3) More instant references to help you make smart choice.

Lazarus: Form Recovery

Ever had one of those moments when you’ve finally finished filling out a long form and hit submit only to see an error message? And when you hit the back button the form was blank… If so you need Lazarus. Lazarus saves everything you type so if the worst happens you can recover the whole form by simply clicking a menu item.


Increases website readability using style changes. Changes all text to the font Open-Dyslexic. Changes the background color to an off-white and alternates the paragraph shading. These changes help with some of the effects of dyslexia and can improve reading in general.

Waveface Web Clipper

Use the Waveface Web Clipper and save the Webpages you like with one simple click. When you like something you see on a webpage or just think the page is important for later references use the Waveface Web Clipper and save a webpage with one click. The page will be sent directly to your Waveface account automatically and you can read it later on any device you want.

Smartr Inbox for Gmail

Xobni enhances Gmail by finding all the people in your inbox and automatically creating rich profiles for them. Discover who they are, how you know them, when you last talked, and who you have in common. See photo, job title, company details, and updates from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Xobni makes it easy to get to know new contacts, establish relationships with existing contacts, and grow your network.

Keyword Search

You can now use keyword search within Safari. Just add your keyword and the search query for the desired search engine in the settings (up to 20 engines) and you’re set!

Website Opener

Website Opener is an extension for Safari in which you can open all your favorite web pages, each in a new tab, with only one click. All you have to do is to add the pages you want to open and then just click on the icon for the extension (the black star). It’s perfect if you open the same web pages every day.

KiTLink URL Shortener

Simple button extension for ki URL shortener. Clicking the button will generate a shortened URL and copy it to your clipboard. Convenient right-click menu entries are also provided.

RSS TodoList

This extension is a front-end for the RSS todo list application made by Grgory PAUL. It allows you to add the URL of the webpage you’re viewing to an RSS feed with a click. Check further details.

Gmail Menu

After installing the Gmail Menu extension, you can right click on any page and select Gmail to open a new tab or window to email a link to that page.

No Zoho

Removes the Zoho Projects Gadget/widget from footer of email messages in Gmail.

Dribbble bar

Dribbble Bar updates the existing menu bar on to an elegant and polished menu bar you will love to use and look at everyday.


FoxTrick enhances the user experience on by providing extra information, shortcuts, tweaks for webpage layout, analyses of matches, links to utilities on external sites, browser-side alerts and notifications.

Expenses in Torch Project Management

Users of Torch Project Management can view, filter, and add expense entries without having to open the Torch Project Management web interface. The extension works offline and periodically syncs with the Torch service. This extension requires a Torch Project Management account. Sign up at

Time in Torch Project Management

Users can view, filter and add time entries without having to open the Torch Project Management web interface.The extension works offline and periodically syncs with the Torch service.The interface is always snappy and it even works on unstable connections. Sign up

My Tasks in Torch Project Management

Users of Torch Project Management can view, filter, and add task and event entries without having to open the Torch Project Management web interface. This extension requires a Torch Project Management account. Sign up

Paymo Timetracker

The Paymo extension for Safari will help you track time right in your favorite browser window. Fill in your account settings and start tracking!

Site Home

Click the Site Home toolbar button and you will be redirected to the website’s main (aka home) page.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper is the easiest way to remember things you see online. Unlike bookmarks it lets you save actual web pages complete with text, links, and images. Clip entire articles & read it later from any device where you have Evernote installed. Clip selections, clip full page or clip the URL — directly to your Evernote account.


This extension prevents Google calendar from scrolling through the months.


KeyStroke provides customizable keyboard shortcuts for common tasks and enhancements, allowing you to browse more efficiently.

Yellow highlighter for web

Start highlighter from button and use mouse to select and highlight the text of web pages. Once finished highlighting you can share a link to your highlighted version of page via Facebook, Twitter or any other way you like, or bookmark this page with your favorite bookmarking tool.


OrchMail is a conversation starter for OrchestratorMail. OrchestratorMail is an innovative application that brings efficiency to email communication. By fitting into your existing email platform, OrchestratorMail effectively decreases email overload and organizes email into an easily viewable system.

ToneCheck Gmail beta

If you’ve ever sent an email that’s been misunderstood ToneCheck is for you. As you write your message you’ll see ToneCheck automatically start detecting the tone in your message, and flagging items that potentially have tone problems.

Google Toolbar

One click to access Google Services. GMail with counter, Calendar, News, SSL Search, Google+, Facebook, Twitter… Easily Google SSL Search from your Safari browser, translate web pages in more than 40 languages instantly with Google Translate and much more.


Uses the current URL and the content of a page to recommend apps for IOS and OS X devices.

UTM Stripper

Safari extension that strips Google Analytics (i.e. Urchin Traffic Monitor) tokens from URL query strings. Based on the work of Jon Parise.


This extension makes mailto:* urls open in online email services. It currently supports AOL, Fastmail, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! mail and Zoho mail.

Synology Download Station for Safari

Synology Download Station allows you to manage downloads on your Synology DiskStation within Safari. You can add new download tasks by right clicking the download link and check the progress by clicking on the toolbar button. Now you can manage all your downloads without having to log into the DiskStation Manager.

Scroll to top

Adds a Button to Scroll to the top of a webpage that you can move anywhere in the Safari toolbar.


WoWwiki is now out of date but many links still populate Google. This extension will allow you to click those many WowWiki links in Google and instantly be taken to the Wowpedia page.


ZoomBySite replaces the built-in zoom in Safari with a version that automatically restores the zoom level for each site with the settings from your last visit. This relieves you from having to Zoom In a few times each time you visit those sites with tiny fonts.


The easiest way to find the best websites on the Internet! As you browse the internet SimilarWeb will find the most interesting related websites on the web to any website.

Button Bar

The Button Bar Safari Extension adds an extra customizable bookmarks bar. The Button Bar can be revealed or hidden by clicking the icon on the main toolbar. You can add up to 10 buttons and can choose from 3 different styles (dark, light or Safari style). You can also choose to align the buttons left, right or center.


TabLock is a simple Safari extension that allows you to lock tabs. If you try to close a locked tab by accident, it will bring up a notification giving you the option to keep the tab open. If you have ever closed a tab while filling in a form or waiting for a video to load this is the extension for you!

All Pages Zoom

Easily set one zoom level for all websites and have it remembered.


Built against the AutoSMS API, this extension allows you to send SMS text messages for free without requiring any registration. SMS support limited to carriers (of recipient) listed in the extension.

Betwext Remind

Betwext Remind lets you quickly and easily setup text alerts for the things you need to do, like those pesky little tasks that really don’t have a place on your calendar at all. Think of it as a personal assistant who’s there to help you remember all those little things that make up your life.

My Work&Time

This work list lets you track your use of the time by clicking start and stop. You can also view the time in a pie chart.

Image Block

Image Block will prevent Safari from loading images while you surf. Activate it by clicking on the Image Block button and the next page loaded will not download pictures. Use it when you need faster load time, have low bandwidth, or only want text. Note: Some images may still appear.

Magic Scroll

Scroll web pages smoothly when scrolling with the mouse wheel. Set your preferred scroll amplitude and duration in the extension preferences and let it scroll.

Sidebar Hidlr

This extension hides dashboard sidebars on, specifically the reader-recommended blogs and Tumblr Tuesday modules. Settings allow you to hide selected elements.

Stop/Reload toolbar button

This extension is a toolbar button that provides the same functionality as the built-in stop/reload control within the Address Field, but can be placed anywhere in the toolbar.


This extension works with the Linkable iOS app. The extension sends your current URL in Safari to your iOS device, where you can immediately open and view the link. Linkable on your iOS device will also store the list of links that you have sent.

Print Plus

Print Plus allows you to print what you select from webpages. Click the Print Plus button, select relevant content sections (multiple clicks on the same block will expand the selection) and click on Print. Save ink and paper and print readable documents without unwanted page sections.


Repete adds a contextual menu that allows you to reload tabs periodically or when the tab gets focus. You can choose to reload every five or ten seconds, or every one or ten minutes.

WHD Notifier

Display your Web Help Desk ticket count in the Safari toolbar. The badge count can be set to show My New Tickets, New & Updated Tickets, Group New Tickets or Group New Updated Tickets. Clicking the toolbar button will open the Web Help Desk. The extension requires Web Help Desk 10.0.8 or later.

Remove Background Images and Colors

This extension resets background colors and images to white so you can read text on pages easily.

Tab Transmit

Generate QR Codes locally with this extension and send a tab link or text to another device using QR Codes. Just take a snapshot of the large QR code generated within the webpage.

Google Tool Bar

The Google Tool Bar extension for Safari gives you quick access to Google applications. A toolbar gives you one-click shortcuts to Calendar, Alerts, AdSense, Docs, Picasa, and more.

Mindful Browsing

The Mindful Browsing toolbar button lets you block websites that distract you, or that you might find offensive. If you try to visit a site you’ve blocked, Mindful Browsing will show you a warning page reminding you that you blocked the site. If you decide to visit it, the site will automatically be blocked again after a few minutes.


minimalGmail lets you control what appears in Gmail. You can customize the interface to omit ads, headers, footers, and other buttons, and so that you can focus on your email.

Jumping URL

This extension works with Jumping URL, a free link forwarding app. You can send links in Safari to your iPhone or iPod touch to browse later.

Nice Alert

View webpage alerts in a yellow box at the top right corner of the browser window.


With PanicButton, you can easily hide all of your open tabs by clicking a toolbar button. You can also use a customizable keyboard shortcut, and select a ‘safe page’ to appear when your tabs are hidden. A badge on the toolbar shows you the number of hidden tabs, and clicking on the toolbar button restores them.

Auto Refresh

Auto Refresh will automatically reload a webpage at an interval of your choice, which can be useful for activities such as monitoring online auctions, announcements and headlines.


ClickToFlash prevents the Flash plug-in from running. It replaces any Flash element on a webpage with a placeholder; simply click the placeholder to load the Flash content. ClickToFlash also lets you replace Flash videos from select websites (such as YouTube) with H.264 video. Other optional features include advanced whitelisting.


SendTab allows you to send open tabs in Safari from one computer to another. Enter your network name and password in Safari on both machines, and click on the toolbar button to send them across machines.

Clip to DEVONthink

This extension works with the DEVONthink Mac app and allows you to clip webpages as a note, bookmark, web archive, PDF or plain HTML. Your can make notes and add tags to your clippings all directly from within Safari.

Safari Tab Reloader

Safari Tab Reloader reloads tabs automatically. Each tab has its own timer with its own independent interval. You can choose pre-set or custom intervals for each tab independently, or set the same interval for all open tabs.

Access Keys

If a website supports keyboard shortcuts, this extension displays a toolbar that shows you what the shortcuts are for that site. Hitting Control+Alt and the specified key allows you to use the shortcuts.

Middle-Click AutoScroll

Middle-Click AutoScroll adds support for middle-clicking on a three-button mouse and automatically scrolling up and down a page by moving the mouse.

Plugin Customs

Plugin Customs blocks content that requires Flash and other plug-ins from automatically loading on webpages. To load the content, click on the area where the plug-in content would appear.


The WebWatch extension adds a toolbar button that lets you track the time you spend on the web. You can add custom reminders and easily reset the timer by clicking the toolbar button.

GMail Counter

Know instantly how many unread messages are in your Gmail inbox, thanks to a handy button that appears in your Safari toolbar.

Gmail This

Gmail This automatically composes an email with the title and link of the web page you’re viewing.

Meeting Scheduler for Gmail

This extension seamlessly integrates with Gmail and helps you find common meeting times that work for all attendees. Schedule meetings faster and avoid unnecessary email and phone tag.

Plain Gmail

With this extension, all plain-text messages viewed in Gmail will be converted to your default fixed-width font. New messages you compose also display your text as your default fixed-width font.

Reddit Mail Checker

Reddit Mail Checker adds a toolbar button that regularly checks your total number of unread Reddit messages, then displays that number in a badge. Click the button to view your messages.


Ever wonder who’s on the other end of an email message? With Rapportive, you can see the sender’s photo, occupation, and location on a map. You can even follow the sender on LinkedIn and Facebook. Use Rapportive to record thoughts and leave notes on the sender’s profile.

TrueNew Count for Gmail and Google Apps

Unlike other message counters, TrueNew Count for Gmail and Google Apps shows you the number of new email messages since the last time you took any action on your inbox. So instead of worrying about the number of unread messages you have, you can focus on those that are new.


2Prowl lets you quickly send a web page to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using push notifications.


Exposer gives you a preview of the content on your open Safari tabs, so you can quickly find the tab with the website you’re looking for.


AdBlock banishes all ads on all web pages. Once you install AdBlock, you’ll immediately see the results. Visit your favorite websites and watch as ads disappear.


AutoPagerize makes web browsing more efficient by autoloading paginated web pages.

Duplicate Tab Button

Duplicate Tab Button sits in your Safari toolbar. Click it, and a duplicate of the currently active tab opens in a new tab or window.


Feedly is a fast and stylish way to read and share the content on your favorite sites and services. It provides seamless integration with Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, YouTube, and Amazon.

Gentle Status Bar

Gentle Status Bar fades in to show you the full URL of where links lead. It also supports modifier keys.

Instapaper Article Tools

Instapaper Article Tools adds a floating palette of buttons to articles that allow you to do various tasks such as go back, archive, return to read later, delete, and more.

Meeting Scheduler for Google Calendar

This extension seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar. It helps you find common meeting times that work for all attendees, so you can schedule meetings faster and avoid unnecessary email and phone tag.


MouseGestures adds basic shortcut commands via your mouse to control tabs and windows. Using the middle or right mouse button, you can Go Back, Go Forward, Open New Tab, Close Active Tab, Open New Window, Close Active Window, Go to Previous Tab, Go to Next Tab, Close Other Tabs, and Reload Page.

Reload Button

This extension adds a reload button that you can move anywhere in the Safari toolbar.


This extension automatically restores your previous Safari browsing session.


SnapBack brings back the SnapBack button to the Smart Address Field in Safari, so you can jump back to the first page in the history of the current window or tab, or to the page you marked from the contextual menu.


Sessions is a browsing history manager that keeps track of open windows and tabs with automatic backups for easy restoration of your browsing sessions. You can make and save a snapshot of the current session at any time.


TabLinks gathers all of the link information from every open tab and displays it for copying based on a user-defined template.


Keep your hands on the keyboard while browsing the web. Type any text that appears inside a link and press Return to follow it.

Ultimate Status Bar

This status bar extension reveals what links are trying to hide from you — destination, file type and size, the possible presence of Rick Astley. It embiggens shortened URLs, and when you don’t want it in your way, hides discreetly out of sight. Fully themed, you can make Ultimate Status Bar suit your look. Now available in Sparkly Unicorn Flavor!


useKit reduces the time you spend on repetitive tasks like searching, processing, and organizing information in a semantic and collaborative environment. It increases the efficiency of web activities with tools such as storing web page fragments, language translations, annotations, or bookmarking services.

Widgets Bar

Widgets Bar is a Safari extension that lets you see the current weather, an RSS ticker, a world clock, and today’s date — all in one convenient toolbar.