Install Fonts on a Mac

Font installation on a Mac is a simple drag and drop operation for OpenType (Mac OS X),TrueType, and PostScript Type 1 fonts. Here’s How: Close Open Programs. Before installing any new fonts on a Mac, close any applications you have open. Newly installed Mac fonts may not appear in your software font menus if the program is running during(…)



Font Book The Font Book application lets you install, remove, view, organize, validate, enable, and disable fonts. Fonts are styles of type that your computer uses to display and print text. MacOS/OS X comes with many preinstalled fonts. Using Font Book Font Book is located in the Applications folder (in the Finder, choose Go > Applications). To(…)


MacRoman Character Set

The following table lists all of the 223 characters in Apple’s proprietary MacRoman character set, and gives the Unicode name and numeric character reference (in decimal and hexadecimal) for each character. Characters 32–126 are identical to those in the ANSI character set and the ISO 8859-1 character set. Differences between character sets. The characters that(…)


ANSI Character Set

The ANSI set of 217 characters, also known as Windows-1252, was the standard for the core fonts supplied with US versions of Microsoft Windows up to and including Windows 95 and Windows NT 4. During the lifetime of those two products, Microsoft added the euro currency symbol bringing the number of characters to 218, and(…)



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